Mourning on elcho for singer

Mourning on elcho for singer

The family of the singer who died on Sunday, Sept. 25, said they were thankful for the support of the world, saying that his family has been extremely proud to receive it from fans.

According to the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services, Robert Garcia of Los Angeles died Sunday night after being struck by a car near Hollywoo김천출장마사지 김천안마d’s 로투스 홀짝Dolores Park and the 405 Freeway. His death was reported by 911 dispatchers at 8:15 p.m. that night. Garcia, a founding member 강원출장샵of rock band El Capitan, had been performing with his band, the El Gran Tinto and singer/songwriter Paul DeLeon on a road trip over the weekend.

His family released a statement Tuesday, saying that their prayers go out to his many fans worldwide who had been sending messages of support and encouragement to their friend over the weekend, «and we all grieve for his family.»

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Boutique brewery owner toasts liquor laws review

Boutique brewery owner toasts liquor laws review

The UBC Liquor Control Board is conducting a review of the government’s draft ban on microbreweries because of changes made to its regulations that the board felt didn’t go far enough.

The province changed its regulations in July 2012, effectively cutting the number of licenses from 30 to five, and loosening rules allowing non-beverage sales as long as the beer wasn’t being marketed.

The board’s liquor board will hold a hearing on Thursday that will consider whether to reinstate the two previous restrictions on microbreweries.

The original rules banned home-made and small-batch beer. The new rules, which are much less strict, apply only to commercial production.

«There was no ch파라오 카지노ange in the regulations,» said Dan Smith, the executive director of the United B.C. Microbrewers Association. «The purpose of the changes was for consumers and the industry to have competition in all aspects of our industry.»

However, Smith admitted that the changes made by the province could be retroactive to the days before the 점보카지노reforms were made.

He explained it’s not at all clear what rules should or should not apply to brewers.

«There’s no right or wrong answer,» he said. «There’s just not as much information out there.»

The current ban on home brews will remain, but will now only apply to the production of beer, wine and spirits, not both.

The ban also extends to the sale of alcohol in beer- and wine-serving establishments, with청주출장샵 a limit of one per person each.

A new rule introduced by the provincial government earlier this year allows for home brewing, producing beer, cider and spirits from water from the local supply or from a home brew-friendly water source, such as tap water or a «microbrew» of whatever you consider your local beer or cider market is.

On Tuesday, Smith said the new rules were passed as «a compromise between competing interests.»

However, that isn’t true. The province also said the laws were aimed at regulating only craft beer producers, which doesn’t appear to be true either.

«This is a regulatory process. It’s not a legal process,» he said. «When we’re going after a specific industry and trying to regulate it, that’s going to be the direction they go.»

He was asked about the changes by host Chris Jones on CBC Radio’s Pacific Standard on Tuesday morning.

«They’re makin

Australian native bunya nuts great camp food and bush tucker

Australian native bunya nuts great cam구리안마p food and bush tucker.»

Ranchers have expressed concern and asked to have the bushtucker removed.

But the Queensland government says it is just one example of its commitment to a more diverse supply chain, not the end of it.

Mr Roberts said they hope to bring the bushtucker closer to home.

«The bushtucker has been around for so long that they understand local preferences a lot better than other bushtuckers, but they are an important part of what we do here in regional Queen솔레어 카지노sland,» he said.

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Pipeline boosts parklands watering to improve air quality in Toronto

Pipeline boosts parklands watering to improve air quality in Toronto

The city should explore extending water conservation on greenbelt lands, say urban planning professors

In a report on Toronto’s future greenfield parkland, the city’s top urban planners — Dr. John B. Brownlee, Mr. David P. Lefebvre and Mr. John F. Rolfe — make a compelling case for a dedicated water conservation program for the city’s new greenfield parks.

Their proposal would use the water saved from urban parks and farms in order to provide drinking water to those urban residents who do not already have it. While the report does not explicitly state where the proposed program should occur, Dr. Brownlee and Dr. Lefebvre argue that water conservation should also apply to the existing greenfields where no drinking water is available, as the city’s existing public drinking water utility and the public utility would receive a combined 5 percent of the savings.

The report says that since public drinking water is currently provided by only six public utilities, the city «has little incentive to consider other ways to reduce costs for customers and provide adequate public drinking water.» The program could be conducted by the city, the report says, or municipal officials could contract out its operation to private entities.

The report also states that, without a dedicated water conse포항출장안마 포항출장마사지rvation program, «the water used to grow the city’s greenfields will disappear. Instead, it will be diverted to generate electricity, to treat sewage, to pump water for irrigation or other environmental purposes.»

The city currently prov바카라ides 4 million litres of water per day for agricultural and garden uses, and 4 million litres in urban parks annually. That amounts to approximately 16,000 acre-feet of water used for garden irrigation (to pump and irrigate crops). According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Toronto’s annual agricultural water use is 15,000 acre-feet of irrigation water. Water conservation of the scale recommended in the study would eliminate all of these irrigated farms, saving the city the expense and inconvenience of paying for farmers to treat wastewater and to maintain their crops at the same effective level.

According to the report, which draws on two decades of studies, if all of Toronto’s public water supply were turned over to private companies it would cost the city approximately $2.3 billion annually. Those private companies would have less cost to offer a water conservation program that is sustainable and economical월드 카지노ly viable, with a smaller carbon footprint than Toronto’s current water plan.

While Toronto residents in urba

World leaders reflect on ariel sharon wade’s death

World leaders reflect김해안마 on ariel 안마sharon wade’s death

Ariel Sharon, the Sharon family’s former prime minister, has died aged 98.

Her husband of 45 years, who became Israeli prime minister in 2008 after serving as defence minister under Ehud Olmert, had been in a coma for four days after inhaling helium and inhaling a cyanide.

Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu told reporters his wife’s death would «heal» the political arena around Israel.

His office said Sharon had been ill for the last nine days.

Image copyright AP Image caption The couple’s daughter Eilat, right, married former Israel army chief Benny Gantz in 2005

In the US the funeral procession was to include members of President Barack Obama’s own party and former US ambassador to Israel David Jones, as well as US Senator Ben Cardin and Democrat US congressman Robert Casey.

Mr Netanyahu said Sharon, known as the «Father of the Israel People», had given so much to society that his death would «heal» the Israeli society and all those it serves.

«She never once mentioned any political goal or ambition. She wanted her children to grow up in a secure home. That was the main source of her strength. She didn’t use her political skills for political ends,» he told the BBC’s Victoria Derbyshire programme.

Mr Netanyahu said that on the eve of Israel’s withdrawal from the Gaza Strip, Sharon had expressed «unwavering support» for Israel and spoke of the need for «Israel and its citiz성남출장마사지ens to live in peace, together.»

He said there had been «grave missteps» in the Israeli military’s response to the conflict.

Image copyright AP Image caption In 2000, Ms Sharon’s daughter Eilat (left) married US senator Robert Casey (centre) who was one of the architects of the Oslo Accords

After the announcement of his sister’s death, Mr Netanyahu said he had heard a telephone conversation in which the prime minister said his wife «would be in an excellent mood and smiling face in the afterlife.»

The BBC’s Yolande Knell in Tel Aviv says it was never said how old Sharon was or if she had a son.

«It is not something anyone could talk about when it is such a personal matter that involves so many individuals, so close to people’s hearts. All we can say is that she was 87 years old,» Mr Netanyahu said.

‘Tribute to her memory’

Kentucky defends association with fast food chain Chick-fil-A

Kentucky defends association with fast food chain Chick대전 마사지-fil-A

CATONIA, Ky. (AP) — A Kentucky convenience store owner says he’엠카지노s suing Chick-fil-A over its association with a fast-food restaurant that he says encourages discrimination against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people.

James Robertson wrote a blog post Sunday about a lawsuit he filed on behalf of the state of Kentucky against Chick-fil-A.

In it, Robertson says the chain is a «conformist» and that when it comes to employment and discrimination he can see «what a bigot they are.»

Chick-fil-A has denied the suit’s allegations.


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Australia sanctions russia ukraine

Australia sanctions russia ukraine

Tripoli: Russian servicemen killed in Libyan air strike

French-brokered peace deal

EU rejects Moscow-backed peace plan

Armed rebels killed in Libya

The BBC’s Thomas Fessy in the Hague says that although the French position is that it is the responsibility of Libya to disarm, there is concern among some western leaders that the French are trying to use Libya’s new unity government to push through legislation that could allow more political freedoms. Our correspondent says the international community is divided over whether it should go along with this. He says a French-brokered peace plan was quickly rejected by the other sides in the conference. But his report also says that although the French position is that it is the responsibility of Libya to disarm, there is concern among some western leaders that the French are trying to use Libya’s new unity government to push through legislation that could allow more political freedoms. Our correspondent says the international community is divided over whether it should go along with this. He says a French-brokered peace plan was quickly rejected by the other sides in the conference. It is a different argument from what is being heard elsewhere, he says.

Our correspondent says a British report published last month accused the Americans of deliberately backing Islamist militias while ignoring their own internal politics.

A new UN committee will open its investigation on Monday into the fighting and will ask the Security Council to send a high-level commission of inquiry if a security vacuum had been created by the fall of Gaddafi and the removal of the internationally recognised government.

We’re told British experts believe the air strikes are aimed at preventing rebels from breaking through the airport and the airport itself. One source said the weapons found at the scene could have been used to attack the airfield.

The report’s conclusions say the US-led coalition should consider using its air strikes on the Tripoli airport as a reason to send an observer mission into Libya to investigate what went wrong.

Meanwhile in Tripoli, armed opposition leaders have warned that any foreign intervention would only delay «a process of transition», with no chance of an independent govern화천안마ment being formed.

The BBC’s Jon Donnison says the decision to intervene seems unlikely to lead to any gains on the ground – despite claims from the new Libyan leadership that there is growing support for the so-called transitional이천출장안마 government.

Our correspondent says the UN report shows the rebels are seeking stab더킹 카지노ility and some support from the international community, but that no firm steps have been taken to bring democracy to Libya

Defence navy maintenance report in January 2001

Defence navy maintenance report in January 2001.

A Defence Ministry source said, «There was no discussion between t양산출장안마he defence department’s public-relations department and the ministry of internal security on this.»

Mr Aarons also expressed his concern about the «troubling» statements made by the defence secret성남출장샵ary and secretary of the military-industrial conglomerate on television show, «Dahiye, Dahiye.»

In his letter, Mr Aarons also complained that the media were in a state of «paranoia,» saying it was importa안산안마 안산출장안마nt «to keep the truth in the limelight.»

Meanwhile, he also sought assurances on military procurement, saying that «the defence minister has a mandate to acquire what is needed.»

Mr Aarons had asked the defence ministry to «show real progress on the road map for acquiring the military and space programs from abroad.»

He said that the Defence Ministry would like to «get to know the people on the ground» in Sri Lanka and other countries which are «facing a defence problem.»

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Eclipse sets record for midnight screenings on March 31 to celebrate the opening of the movie’s world premiere at New York City’s Lincoln Center on March 10

Eclipse sets record for midnight screenings on March 31 to celebrate the opening of the movie’s world premiere at New York City’s 마사지 후기Lincoln Center on March 10.

The production’s film will mark the second time that the «Tooni바카라 게임verse,» as Eclipse Studios has dubbed the project, has won the World Film Festival’s coveted title of World’s Best Foreign Language Film.

At the festival, the films won the inaugural Oscar for best picture for «An Inconvenient Truth.»

The World Film Festival celebrates movies that use technology to portray real-life events in real-time.

On Monday, «The Hobbit,» which debuted at the festival, also made international headlines with the announcement that it will premiere in North America to mark the final weekend of its global theatrical run on March 18.

«I’m so thrilled to be here again to celebrate the new world premiere of the last movie ever made about a guy who used to be your dad and now is your godfather,» said George Clooney, whose character Gandalf was a fan of Eclipse Studios’ «The Hobbit.»

Clooney, whose Oscar-winning role as actor Richard Burton in «American Graffiti» was to be replaced with an adult incarnation in the film by the company, also talked about his decision to be among the first members of the cast to star in a major film based on a childhood book.

The announcement was made at the American Film Market in Manhattan’s Rockefeller Center, a movie theater owned by New York Film Council President Richard Linklater. It was later revealed that Linklater will write «The Hobbit.»

Clooney told reporters about the opportunity to play the role of Gandalf, who was a member of the elves of Middle-earth.

He explained, «It is such an interesting concept. You’re a child again with his old elf self, which I played in ‘Breathless,’ and I was like, ‘Wh로투스 홀짝o is this? Is this Gandalf?’ So I just remember being incredibly thrilled to play that and then being delighted that it was going to be taken to theaters for the world to see.»

Clooney was asked whether he considered it a disappointment that «The Hobbit» didn’t come to fruition like a film of that nature in his current life. The actor said it didn’t.

«I think there are going to be so many things that go down when that’s not going to happen. As George said, when you do the Hobbit, which is kind of what we had so many peopl

Spice girls sydney gig scrapped

Spice girls sydney gig scrapped; ‘they’d be great for a holiday trip’

A Sydney cafe will be shutting down 카지노 게임in favour of Spice Girls on Thursday, after organisers received backlash over the cafe’s decision to feature the singer’s hair.

The cafe, called Spice Girl Spicery, will close after four years but will still feature her image and the girls’ voice over the coffee, which will feature a mix of British and Asian influences.

«We have taken our family to a beautiful Sydney garden and decided to add a spice girl themed coffee shop to it,» the cafe’s Facebook page said. «The original concept for Spice Girl Spicery was that we’d meet and sit down with the girls and we would cook up a special treat for them. We were also inspired by the Spice Girl TV series for Spice Girls (Sesame Street’s sister show) and we didn’t want to simply make these products available to customers like most other coffee shops do.»

«We have had very positive reviews online about it,» it added. «If you like spicy, you’ll enjoy our café.»

But many Twitter users called it성남출장안마 성남출장샵 a commercial-free event which will likely hurt the business for Sydney customers and made the site look too much like a commercial for Spice Girls.

«I am really sickened. This is disgusting,» one Twitter user wrote. «I am not the only one disgusted with the idea of Spice Girl Spicery in Sydney. It was such a terrible idea – they are supposed to serve fresh coffee and now this has happened, and with the girls, it looks like this.»

Several of the cafe’s patrons, including an elderly man who wished to remain anonymous, agreed. «She’s j온라인 카지노ust a girl. I don’t like people. It’s really disgusting,» he said.

A Twitter spokesperson said: «We appreciate our guests wanting to visit the cafe but it is a cafe, not a shop. Any suggestion for any commercial or promotional use of the restaurant is totally inappropriate.»

Cafe spokesman Michael Kynaston said the cafe wanted to focus on its regular customer service to make sure guests were happy.

«People want to see coffee so they want to stop by, so they are very much not disappointed, but they are worried about being in these kinds of situations,» he said.

Spice Girls will be touring to Australia and New Zealand later this year in support of its new album, Blonde, which is out Nov 16. The single «Holly an