Warning on bogus sydney water salesmen

Warning on bogus sydney water salesmen



Police say a group of bogus water distributors have been accused of buying up and selling water from one and selling it in another city for up to $2 million a week.

As many as 15 water distributors were busted on Friday in Sydney’s outer south-east, the Herald Sun is reporting.

Police seized over $2.1 million worth of water at the Sydney home of one company that police believe siphoned off water from water distribution systems and sold it to customers.

The raids on the homes of a total of nine water distributors, as well as two water stations and the company’s Sydney headquarters, are the latest in a series of actions to target bogus water distributors.

«Our intention is to ensure that they don’t just get out of town, we’re going to do everything we can to keep them in town and protect the community,» Inspector Tom Beresford told the Herald Sun.

«We can’t stop it when it is in town but we are trying to stop it before it gets here.»

It was believed to be the first time police were aware of an alleged practice by water distributors to sell the water at higher prices than is justified.

It has also drawn concerns about the practice of water salesmen using misleading tactics and false information to gain access to customers’ property.

A number 인터넷 바카라of the water distributo속초출장마사지 속초출장샵rs are from Melbourne, including the owner of the Sydney water distributor company.

«It’s all a very sad day for the residents of the North of NSW,» the North of NSW Water Association Presid경주출장안마ent Tony O’Connor told the Herald Sun.

«This is a very sad day for all of our families who we would hope we never need to serve.»

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While there have been no deaths so far in relation to water distributors, the water authorities in several surrounding areas have reported that patients have developed respiratory problems following sales.

The South African-based organization Water Services of NSW, which serves Water Supply and Reception NSW, said on Friday it was in discussions with its local authorities over the issue.

«We are aware that there have been deaths in South Africa and therefore we have to take action to ensure safety of the residents,» Water Services NSW chief executive officer Richard Devereux told news.com.au.

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