Wa group to dance at commonwealth games:

Wa group to dance at commonwealth games:


CALGARY – The Alberta Federation of Labour (AFL) has come up with a proposal that would allow unions to wear ‘dance outfits’ at games in the Prairies.

The CFL annou시흥안마 시흥출장마사지nced plans this week for the 2019 season with some teams opting to wear «dancing attire» while others have come up with ideas based on the success of the C우리 카지노FL’s 2016-17 exhibition season.

The CFL Players’ Association has also been asked to help with the designs, said AFL President Dave Wannstedt on Thursday in Ottawa.

The union has offered a $1.2-million grant to provide clothing for CFL players to wear during games. Wannstedt said he is happy to hear from the CFL and would be more than willing to take suggestions from the players themselves.

«For us to be a part of that, we would take that money and put it to use,» he said.

«I’m pretty certain we’ll see them (the clubs) doing a great deal of dance.

«We have that in Canada, I would guess there will be more of an interest in the dance.»

Winnstedt also noted the league has made it clear to unions that any potential union-led designs for game wear must adhere to the CFL’s collective bargaining agreement’s requirement for all workers to be represented in collective bargaining.

The CFL said in January it had asked the union to consider a proposal similar to the CFL Players’ Association idea that would allow union athletes to wear «dance attire» as part of a collective bargaining agreement.

Winnstedt said a proposal similar to the AFL players’ suggestion could also wor실시간카지노k on the women’s side of the game.

AFL president Kent Roach said Friday in Calgary, «I don’t see any issue with that.»

The CFL has no plans to change the rules on wear.

Winnstedt said he thinks that it is important to have the CFL keep union representation and to work hard on the «caveated, hard-working» union members working on a day-to-day basis.

«We have seen that they have a great amount of energy and we want to see that continue into the future,» he said.

The CFL Players’ Association has already suggested the league’s dress code for the upcoming season. In its proposal, the AFL suggested it is looking to bring i